Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wet And Wild, Part 2

Tricia gently stroked him a few times as she trailed kisses from his ear down across his neck on the way to his lips. Another passionate kiss as she clung tightly to him, and then she pushed him backward, commanding, "Fuck me, Tim. Fuck me now!"

She bent over in front of him, bracing herself against the shower wall as he grasped her hips and positioned his cock head between her pussy lips, teasing her to even greater heights of arousal as she whimpered and begged for more.

"Please stop teasing - fuck me, please......FUCK ME!" she cried, pushing back against him to try forcing him to finally enter her.

Tim chuckled, replying, "You want it bad, huh baby?"

"Please," she begged, "please!"

Tim didn't speak a reply, instead sliding the full length of his cock into her pussy in one swift thrust as she cried out his name, filled with pure animal lust. He pulled back and thrust again, this time slowly, teasingly, taking forever to fully enter her as she moaned loudly, pleading for more. Sliding back in again, this time fast and hard as Tricia groaned, "Yes, just like that baby......fuck me hard and fast!"

Tim pumped his cock in and out of her pussy like a machine piston as she moaned and screamed, her legs shaking violently as she plunged into another orgasm........

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wet And Wild

Tricia didn’t speak a word as she entered the bathroom and dropped her robe to the floor, exposing every luscious curve of her tall, athletic body. She yanked open the shower door and stepped in, grasping Tim’s arm to spin him around to face her. She put her finger across his lips, quieting him before he could speak, and dropped to her knees, stroking him to hardness before taking his thick, throbbing cock between her lips……..briefly teasing his sensitive cock head with the tip of her tongue before slowly engulfing the entire length until the head bobbed against the back of her throat. Tim’s knees buckled as he moaned loudly, Tricia’s talents causing indescribable arousal. The ecstasy intensified as she began to fuck him with her lips, sliding her warm, wet mouth up and down his rock hard shaft, slowly at first, then picking up the pace as she sensed Tim nearing the point of no return. He grasped at her hair, desperate for release as she took his cock out of her mouth to again tease with her tongue……..pulling her closer as she plunged his cock back into her mouth, pumping up and down on it until Tim cried out her name as he spurted his warm, sticky semen down Tricia’s willing throat…...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Awakens

After a few more moments, Summer scurried inside – she didn’t want the neighbor to catch her watching him. She deposited her mug in the sink and tossed her book onto the counter as she headed to the linen closet for a towel.

As she stripped off her bikini, she began to picture the deft, powerful hands of the neighbor removing the delicate pieces of material, revealing her full, firm breasts and cleanly shaven pussy. She felt that wonderful but terrifying feeling again and shook her head. “No……’good girls’ don’t have thoughts like that – I’m not that kind of woman.”

Summer dropped the swimsuit into the hamper and turned on the hot water. She stepped into the shower, and smiled as the steamy hot water caressed her skin. As she began to wash, gently scrubbing with her loofah, her mind again wandered to the sexy neighbor. She closed her eyes as the loofah fell to the floor of the shower and started running her hands over her wet, silky flesh…….reveling in the sensations her fingers were creating. Suddenly she stopped…….”No! I don’t do THAT! I’ve never……” Her voice trailed off……she knew she was powerless. She quickly rinsed her body, carefully stepped out of the shower and ran to her bed.

As Summer threw herself onto the bed, still drenched from the shower, she focused on the images of the sexy neighbor – in the theater of her mind, her hands were his large, hard-working hands caressing her breasts and gently squeezing her hard nipples. Her fingers became his thick, strong fingers, trailing teasing lines along the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, feeling the intense heat radiating from her long-neglected pussy. She craved this – needed the attention, the touch…….her body writhing across the bed in pure ecstasy as she finally dared to slip a finger inside herself, an audible moan escaping her lips as she did.

And in that moment, an animalistic urge overtook Summer – something she’d never felt before. She couldn’t stop – her moans grew in volume and intensity as she pumped her finger in and out of her dripping wet pussy, fucking herself furiously as she felt herself building toward an orgasm for the first time in many years. Her free hand brushed briefly across her clitoris, sending a shockwave of pleasure through her entire body – oh, God, why didn’t she ever know about that?? As she used the fingers of that free hand to gently rub her clit, her hips began to buck uncontrollably as a powerful orgasm took control of her body. She felt her pussy contracting around the finger that continued its fucking…….her clitoris throbbed and twitched beneath her fingertips………and she had no control of her voice as she screamed in pure ecstatic bliss………

Sunday, June 21, 2009


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